Is Being Passive Native, or Must It Be Learned?

Looking back, it was exactly that.

I liked “girl” things, too.

She told me I was too wild at my core, and I believed her.

Finally, it was time to get married, for me, an escape from my maladjusted family. I had lots of choices.

He developed a nuclear family model, which at that place and time was the prevalent family structure. The Parsons model could best describe our household.



Decision making

You can see how passivity fits perfectly in this framework.

My children blamed me for being passive and not defending them from their father’s domination when he was on a rampage. Their accusation crushed me. My passivity almost crushed them.

I still, on occasion, fall back to my formerly passive self. But for the most part, I am free to feel what I feel, act as I wish, and select my own clothing.



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Lynn Zimmering

Well, I’ve done it — I’m ninety! I can hardly believe it myself and still writing. Here’s the deal; I’ll keep writing if you keep reading. Thanks.