A Job? For Me?

I have an attitude about labor that works for me and always has. Working connects me to the world. I like being paid, and when I’m working, I feel I am a useful part of society. The amount of my salary almost doesn’t matter —what matters is that another person or company values what I do enough to give me money to do it. Wow!

I had a few summer jobs during my college years, as my kids would ask, “That was that right after the Civil War, right?” Well, no!

I sold handkerchiefs in Orbach's Department store one summer and sold more than 500 in one day. It was a record-breaker. A handkerchief is a piece of cloth used to wipe your nose (for those of you who are too young and never heard of them. )

Another was a job with the Tommy Pajama Company. Computers were yet to arrive, so in my job, I totaled each customer’s order mentally. Any mistake I made would affect their bill. I was an expert at adding quarter dozens and had challenged myself to how many more customer’s orders I could complete in each hour. My bosses were tickled and asked me to come back as a full-time employee when I graduated.

I love being in a contest, even if no other person is competing. I declined the offer because I saw no future in it.

Instead of added numbers, day in and day out, my job was with Bloomingdale’s on their Executive Training Squad after I graduated.

It was a great job. It felt like a continuation of my college years as my co-workers were new graduates, too. I ultimately became the Assistant Buyer of the Hosiery department.

Those summer jobs were the beginning. Now, I’m at the other end of my work curve, and I feel about the same about working as I did then. I had lots of other jobs in between then and now. I valued most of my jobs even though I never was a top earner.

It was a surprise when I learned about a job that I am perfectly qualified for last week. That is, qualified except for the fact that I’m going to be 89 years old in May. I’m also surprised that I actually applied for this job.

Some nerve, applying for a job at my age!

The potential employer doesn’t know my exact age, and I’m not planning to spread that news. However, since I had to send a picture, they know I’m not young anymore. It will be an even bigger surprise if they want to interview me.

The only problem I see with this potential adventure is whether I want to start working again, even though it’s only a part/time job. The pandemic caused my lay-off almost a year ago. What has kept me from insanity is writing these blogs. I don't want anything to interfere with this activity.

While I’m not officially quarantined, I’m home all the time. I live in a high-rise, so my big daily event is going to the lobby for my mail. If I were to be offered it, this new job could be added easily. It is accomplished on the phone or a Zoom call. However, time would be taken away from doing jigsaw puzzles and reading books. Also, what happens to naps?

Rather than stressing, I’m going to chill. It’s hard for me to do that since I’m a little obsessive. Waiting for something that might or might not happen is like watching out for the next snowstorm.

Should I wear my boots or my regular shoes?



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Lynn Zimmering

Lynn Zimmering

Well, I’ve done it — I’m ninety! I can hardly believe it myself and still writing. Here’s the deal; I’ll keep writing if you keep reading. Thanks.