My lifetime of struggles being overweight.

It’s the food. I love food, all kinds, like soft and creamy, hard and chewy, spicy or sweet, hot or cold. I started eating olives when I was two years old. I guess I was born with a spicy palette. Chinese food is still a delicious event to me but so is American, French, Italian — you name it. I still look forward to the next meal.

And I delight in good food, not slap-dash any old thing — fresh ingredients, prepared thoughtfully, and served with panache. …

Having an Essential Tremor (ET)is another of life’s challenges.

Being physically challenged is to be expected as the years go on, and as we all realize, the other alternative is worse. So, this message is, “How do I approach these confrontations with adaptive skills that increase rather than diminish my existence”? It’s not easy. It’s an old cliche but still valid, “Old Age Is Not For Sissies.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, an “Essential tremor is a nervous system (neurological) disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking. …

What I Learned While Dealing with a Computer Disaster.

If you’re a senior and on your computer many hours every day like I am, I’m pretty sure you’ve run into unsolvable problems -like I did this past week. Here’s what happened (it was dreadful!):

I keep a detailed list of bank accounts, credit cards, user names, car lease info, passwords, and other pertinent info about my life on my computer. …

A story about over-indulgence.

The purchase of coffee beans requires a decision about how fine to grind the beans. That question stumped me. So, I decided to investigate. I had recently lost 40 lbs and felt that drinking about six cups of coffee a day would help me not gain it back. In addition, the only food I ate was apples — apples instead of regular food. So, coffee was essential to me. More about this insane diet later.

I found that the type of coffee pot determines which grind is appropriate. Duh! I was an avid imbiber of coffee…

What equipment does your body have to handle a threat?

Maybe you never thought about how your breathing controls your body and your mind. But, on the other hand, perhaps you don’t care to learn about it. If the latter is the case, maybe you’ll change your mind.

Think of a vulnerable mouse that lives in a forest. Survival is its only job. Usually, things go very smoothly. The mouse ventures out of its den to find the food and then returns. …

The benefits of hugging are universal.

It was Grandparents Day at my Grandson’s Nursery School, and all of us, children, grandparents, and teachers, were seated at long low tables on child-size wooden chairs. My grandson’s feet touched the floor, even though he was sitting on my lap. With the kids’ help, the teachers had decorated the room with colorful paper cutouts and garlands of paper flowers.

And, we were singing. My little guy also rhythmically bounced up and down, landing on my thigh bones with thuds. My quads were beginning to throb. I could tell he was into this activity…

How much fun is it to approach NINETY?

This week I celebrated my 89th birthday. In many ways, it was shocking, and in other ways, a big nothing. I reveled in the attention I received but was slightly relieved when it was over. One achieves a sense of agelessness by living one day after another without the interference of birthday celebrations. Instead, these celebratory events act as reminders of our mortality. Every year, closer to the end.

However, there are different ways to look at birthdays.

Birthdays can be markers of the marvelous things that have happened in our lives so far. They can be reminders of the increased…

What it means to be orderly.

Being orderly, according to Wikipedia, is a desire for cleanliness, diligence, and symmetry. Symmetry is a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportions and balance.

I am comforted by the orderliness and calm of my apartment expressed by its uncluttered surfaces and empty spaces. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful art, handsome furniture, and lovely articles accumulated during past visits to many places worldwide.

And, yes, as time goes on, I can see that I might even have some association with OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder if my desire for orderliness were to becomes…

Does “being” automatically mean that you are recognized?

In a philosophical sense, being means the material or immaterial existence of a thing. Anything that exists is being. Ken Wilber said, “Only formless awareness, [the simple feeling of being] exists absolutely.” Recognition, on the other hand, has at least two definitions. Here they are:

— identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again. e.g., I recognized her even without make-up.

— acknowledge the existence, validity, or legality. As “The US recognized this defense.

Denying one’s existence feels terrible. …

What it means to be punctual.

Everyone seems to have their interpretation about being on time. Some consider on-time as arriving one-half hour early, and others, coming an hour after the expected arrival time, is also on time. According to Wikipedia, each culture seems to have its acceptable degree of punctuality.

More often, a small amount of lateness is acceptable, ten to fifteen minutes in Western cultures. Japanese society expects much stricter adherence to arrival times. Some cultures have an unspoken understanding that actual start times are different from stated start times. For example, people turn up for an event…

Lynn Zimmering

In May 2021, I celebrated my 89th B’day, and have been writing a blog each week for the past year. I learned more about myself than I expected. What a journey!

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