Having an Essential Tremor (ET)is another of life’s challenges.

Being physically challenged is to be expected as the years go on, and as we all realize, the other alternative is worse. So, this message is, “How do I approach these confrontations with adaptive skills that increase rather than diminish my…

What I Learned While Dealing with a Computer Disaster.

If you’re a senior and on your computer many hours every day like I am, I’m pretty sure you’ve run into unsolvable problems -like I did this past week. Here’s what happened (it was dreadful!):

I keep a detailed list of…

When reality and hubris clash, it isn’t much fun.

It’s best in this little story to start with the definition of “hubris.” Hubris describes an attitude of excessive confidence in one's ability, often combined with arrogance.

As I’ve described, I started writing these stories without actually having a lot of…

The story of a recent run-in with bureaucracy.

My brother had to be moved from the Harris Hospital in Monticello, NY, to the nearest available bed in a Nursing Home. Once I agreed to pay for the move privately, in an ambulance, he moved. The cost was extremely high.


You can survive with fewer things than you believe you need.

Throughout my eighty-nine and one-half years, I’ve noticed that things I thought I needed to survive have diminished. So, I’ve delved into my minimum requirements. They are very few.

  1. I need a heated indoor place to rest my head…

The story of my life with him.

He was the cutest, adorable baby, a cherub, who appeared to be unexceptional. I was seven. Little did I know that he would become my lifelong dispairing responsibility.

By the time he was three and in nursery school, it was clear something was…

Here’s a story about the uselessness of worry.

To be sure we are talking about the same thing, a dictionary meaning of the word is: “a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.”

Worry is an emotion experienced from anxiety or concern about a real or imagined…

Scotch puts the zing in my life.

It all started on Thanksgiving Day when I was a senior in high school — on my way to college the following year. Aunt Rose gathered the whole family at her house, and she was serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

She asked me…

Becoming aware of light’s beauty enhances my life.

When I was about ten, I noticed that colors, right after sunset (particularly the brick wall color opposite my kitchen window) transposed from plain old red brick to a rich red color that seemed to glow. I asked my mother if she…

Lynn Zimmering

In May 2021, I celebrated my 89th B’day, and have been writing a blog each week for the past year. I learned more about myself than I expected. What a journey!

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