Having an Essential Tremor (ET)is another of life’s challenges.

Being physically challenged is to be expected as the years go on, and as we all realize, the other alternative is worse. So, this message is, “How do I approach these confrontations with adaptive skills that increase rather than diminish my…

What I Learned While Dealing with a Computer Disaster.

If you’re a senior and on your computer many hours every day like I am, I’m pretty sure you’ve run into unsolvable problems -like I did this past week. Here’s what happened (it was dreadful!):

I keep a detailed list of…

Do expectations and reality match?

One of my granddaughters is turning twenty-one on January 24th, and her birthday started me reminiscing about my coming-of-age birthday so long ago. The future is always a mystery, but living as long as I have, allows one to see how it all turned out.

A story about finding the courage to escape from abuse.

I doubt that I am the only person who thinks about doing something and then acts oppositely. I’ve attempted to analyze these circumstances and have come up with different sets of reasons, most of them having to do with fear.

Naps add to your pleasure and longevity.

The first time I became aware of the value of napping was as a freshman in college, during finals week. I had already developed itchy palms and soles of my feet, attesting to my high anxiety level. …

I think you’ll be surprised!

For about four days, I searched my brain, seeking a topic other than the return of our former pandemic limitations. This week I felt obligated to cancel two lunch dates with friends due to the potential threat of Omicron being seated at the table next…

I’m addicted to the Great British Baking Show.

It seemed like years ago when I discovered this highly entertaining show, Sunday afternoons on PBS. Now the entire collections are available on Netflix. I loved watching it from my first view, and I thought it was my secret delight. I would…

Lynn Zimmering

In May 2021, I celebrated my 89th B’day, and have been writing a blog each week for the past year. I learned more about myself than I expected. What a journey!

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